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December 31, 2014

For today I tried to think of something I could never in my life find a use for, and it came to me while doing the laundry.

Dryer Lint.

I have a pail I put mine in and once full I grudgingly throw it away, usually wondering if I can recycle it. Well even better than throwing it in the blue box I’ve found several ways to use it!

Art – Check out pinterest for Dryer Lint Art, or google for that matter and you’ll find a ton of it! I couldn’t believe how creative some people are with it I even found a portrait of Princess Di made out of lint!

Bird Nests – Perhaps the easiest thing to do with your lint as it required little work from you. Take your lint and place it in a container that is easily accessible for birds. They will snatch it up and use it for their own nests. Another great thing to add is any yarn or clothing scraps.

Fire Starter – Dryer lint is very flammable, consider packing some into small balls and taking on your next camping trip. You could pack them into toilet paper rolls or put little balls into an egg carton for easy use.


Make Paper – That’s right you can create paper from your dryer lint, how cool is that? Using wet paper scraps and dryer lint, put them in your blender until you get a soupy mixture. If you want to use it for writing paper be sure to add a dissolved gelatine to the mix. Add your colouring if you wish to do so then place into a paper mold. You can buy one or make one from an old wooden picture frame and a plastic sheet.

Compost – It’s an easy addition to any compost and doesn’t take long to break down. When adding it just follow the same instructions you would for any other paper material.

Gardening – You can skip the compost and place the lint right into your garden. It’s a great way to retain water and keep it near the roots. Just tear the lint into small pieces and turn over with your shovel.

Most of my clothing is cotton or wool, I’m not sure if lint from synthetic clothing will work as well and I don’t suggest putting it in your garden. If anyone has any experience with it please let me know in the comments.

Perhaps you have other ideas for your lint? Let me know!

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