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January 07, 2015

I’m horrible for losing these little clips as soon as I open a loaf of bread but with these ideas I’ll definitely do my best to save these tags. Try some of the following innovative ideas to use your extra bread clips.

  1. Cord Tags. Write down what the cord is attached to and put the clips on the cords for easy identification later.
  2. Elastic Holder. A great use when camping or packing up your hair elastics to keep them all together.
  3. Tape Saver. Just put the tab under the end of your tape and you’ll never lose it again!
  4. Flip Flop Fixer. – Say that ten times fast! Don’t you just hate when your flip flop strap comes through the bottom? Well just put a bread clip on the bottom to hold it in the hole and breath some new life into those old flip flops.
  5. Key Label. – Cheaper than buying them, just attach the clip to your key or key chain and label it for the key use.
  6. Book Mark. – Just clip it on your page so you don’t lose the spot!
  7. Wine Glass Charm. I saw this suggestion somewhere on the net. Put your name on the tab and clip it to the bottom of your wine glass. Not sure this would be the best solution for a fancy wedding but a backyard BBQ why not?
  8. Sock Clip. – I’m of the belief that life is too short for matching socks, but if you like to keep your pairs together why not hold them together with a bread clip? It’ll save the elastic from making sock balls 😉
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  10. Bag Clip. – This one is pretty obvious but seems to be overlooked. Use your bread bag clip to close bags! Any kind of bag that isn’t zip locked already. If you make your own bread you already have the clips.
  11. Mini Scraper. – Being hard plastic these things are small but mighty. You can use them to scrap off all kinds of things especially if you only need to scrap off a small bit.
  12. Christmas Clips. – You can spray paint these little clips to match your tree and clip the lights to the branches. This will help keep everything in place!
  13. Cord Holder. – Clip cords together to keep them from tangling, this works best with small cords such as ear bud cords or charge cords.
  14. Thread Holder. – In my sewing drawer you’ll find tons of small pieces of thread that I refuse to throw away. One never knows when they might be needed. To help save the clutter and keep the thread organized you can use the clips to wrap the thread around.
  15. Kids Crafts. – There are tons of art and craft ideas you can do using anything! Why not turn the clips into super cute google eyed monsters. Paint and colour to your hearts content. This can be a fun way to spruce up all of these ideas as well. Create a cute critter from a clip and use it for your book mark, tape saver or christmas clip.
  16. Funky Earrings. – Another craft idea for the young girls out there. This can be turned into some pretty cute clip on earrings.
  17. Guiter Picks. – Why not? When in a pinch this can be a cheap solution. They’re also pretty sturdy!
  18. Counting Tool. – A great way to show kids how to count, and an easy way to create your own abacus. Just remember they are a choking hazard with young children!

Have more ideas? Let me know I’d love to hear them!

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