How to Stay Warm in the Winter – Without a Furnace

I live in Canada, and although we don’t all live in igloos as some may suspect it does get cold in the wintertime. Right now, in Southern Ontario our winter season is just getting started. We have an inch or two of snow on the ground but before we know it the snow will be flying and we’ll be feeling the cold.

Though winter is usually a time when our energy bills go up there are many things you can do in order to keep your bills low, save on energy and keep warm in the process.

  1. Start Cooking – The oven is a great way to heat up your home, and you end up getting a meal out of the deal as well.
  2. Stay Active – It’s a good excuse to try and lose those Christmas pounds. Exercise, clean, dance, run around your house just for fun. Anything you do will keep you much warmer than if you simply sat watching TV.4504229691-300x200
  3. Layers – When you do need to spend time sitting, (perhaps while reading this post) make sure to pack on the layers, whether extra clothing or blankets. By lowering your thermostat a couple degrees and using a blanket you can save on energy and money – plus who doesn’t like cuddling up in a blanket? I know I do!
  4. Seal the Leaks – Test your doors and windows for any leaks and seal them off. Use removable caulking, thick curtains or even take a sheet and cover it up.
  5. Close Unused Rooms – If you don’t use the room, then close the door. Even if you have rooms you regularly use in the summertime you can easily move your living quarters down to the basics. If you normally spend time in your living room try spending it in your bedroom instead. Have more than one bathroom? Try to just use the one.
  6. Insulate – Older homes especially may have bad insulation – or none. Check your walls and insulate to keep the warmth in, this also helps keep the home cool in the summer. Don’t neglect your attic space, remember heat rises.
  7. Candlelight – Candles produce heat, light a candle or two and keep it in your room to help warm up the area.
  8. Cuddle Time – Shared body heat will help keep you warm. Try cuddling with that special someone, or maybe even your pet so you both can be warm.
  9. Sunlight – During the day you want the sunlight to enter your home. Using sheer curtains can help to allow the sunlight to enter your home and heat it up.
  10. Use Rugs – Large area rugs, runners in the hall and small rugs in front of doorways will help to keep an extra layer on the floor and your feet warm.

These are only a few suggestions, if you’re not worried about energy you can always turn on a space heater, if you do try turning on your fan as well and force any hot air down into the room.

What do you do to keep warm?

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