Great Reads on How to Raise Your Own Chickens

This week’s theme ended up being all about chickens. Though I didn’t plan it that way it seemed to bookshappen so I might as well embrace it. I’ve been doing a lot of research into raising my own chickens, and have found some great resources, and thought I would share them with my readers.

First I would suggest checking out Happy Money Saver, Karri has a great site and an even better chicken section. I’ve really enjoyed reading her posts and learning about her little chicks.

I’m an avid reader, I’ll be the first to admit that I creep amazon like no ones business and grab as many e-books as I can. That one click buy they have now I’m pretty sure is pure evil. It’s led to a lot of horrible buys but I’ve also found a few gems so I thought I would share them with others thinking of raising their own chickens.


By R.J. Ruppenthal Best Chicken Breeds: 12 Types of Hens that Lay Lots of Eggs, Make Good Pets, and Fit in Small Yards (Paperback)

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Valuable, short guide for beginners on how to start a backyard mini-flock of 2-4 chickens and get fresh eggs every day. Written by the author of the best-selling Fresh Food From Small Spaces book, a former columnist for Urban Farm magazine.

Topics include:
* Fresh Eggs Every Day
* How Much Space Do You Need?
* Building or Buying a Coop
* Feeders, Waterers, Nesting Boxes, and Roosts
* Getting Chicks or Chickens
* Feeding Your Chickens
* Tips for Cold Climates
* Health and Safety
* Dealing with Neighbors, City Chicken Laws, and Other Challenges
* Resources: Everything You Need!


Backyard Farming Raising Chickens

Whether for eggs, meat, fun, or profit, chickens are the perfect addition to any new backyard grower’s farm.

Backyard Farming: Raising Chickens is your guide to successfully caring for your flock. As a comprehensive primer for first-time chicken farmers, Raising Chickens includes detailed illustrations and informative photographs that help to ease new homesteaders into the world of backyard chicken farming.

Raising Chickens takes you from start to finish: from planning out your chickens’ space, to hatching and raising new chicks, to keeping your birds happy, healthy, and well-fed, to enjoying your very own farm-fresh eggs and more.


Storey’s Guide to Raising Chickens

Here is all the information you need to successfully raise chickens — from choosing breeds and hatching chicks to building coops, keeping the birds healthy, and protecting them from predators. This revised third edition contains a new chapter on training chickens and understanding their intelligence, expanded coverage of hobby farming, and up-to-date information on chicken health issues, including avian influenza and fowl first aid.

These are really only a couple of the great books I have read while researching what I need to know about raising backyard chickens. There are so many more out there and I definitely suggest you taking a look around amazon if you’re interested in finding out more. I have purchased the kindle version of all of these since it’s cheaper and I never have to worry about losing it.

Do you have a favourite book? Something I have missed here, please do share it!

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