Over 200 Homesteading Skills to Learn

I think the real key to doing anything whether it’s passing a test, writing a book, or creating a more self sustainable life is planning and goal setting. When you look at this list you may see a lot of things you don’t know how to do, and that’s okay, but it may become overwhelming.

I know it was for me when I first started thinking about how I would become more self sufficient.

So before looking this list over and thinking you can’t do it, instead take a moment to write out your own personal plans and goals.

I use the three star system for my own goals/to do lists/everything 200skillsforhomesteadersreally! Basically I write out my list of goals, at this point I don’t think about when I want to complete them, how etc. I just write out my hopes, dreams, goals, whatever you want to call them.

Then I look at my list and star anything I want to happen within the shortest amount of time, say one year. I continue with two stars for mid range goals and three stars for longer goals.

I then have a whole process on how to set goals and keep them.

The point is when you create your own goals you may notice that you don’t have How to cook Beans on your list. Maybe you hate beans, maybe you’re allergic etc. That’s okay too! You just have to take your list and compare it to the list below, remove what you don’t need or want or what isn’t applicable to you and move onto the rest. Perhaps you may even find new goals in this list you never thought about!

This isn’t the be all and end all of what you need to do/know to become a homesteader. This is just a list of things I have thought of, as well as others I have come across on other sites/blogs/forums. I don’t think you would need to be able to do all of these things, but it’s a starting point. So enjoy the list, enjoy your journey and if you complete any items and would like to share your experience I’d love to read your comments.


  1. Create your own cookbook including meals made from food storage
  2. Learn how to make all of your own baking mixes from scratch
  3. How to grind wheat into flour
  4. How to Grind your own wheat for baking
  5. How to Make Sourdough Bread and Maintain Your Own Starter
  6. How to Bake Bread from Scratch
  7. Learn to make the perfect pie crust
  8. How to Make English Muffins
  9. How to Bake Dog treats
  10. How to Make Yogurt
  11. How to make butter
  12. How to make cheeses
  13. Make your own cheese press
  14. How to pasteurize milk
  15. How to make your own bacon and cured hams
  16. How to make sausage
  17. How to De-Bone a Chicken or Other Fowl
  18. How to Cook a Whole Chicken in a Cast Iron Skillet
  19. How to Cook Beans in a Pressure Cooker
  20. How to Cook Beans from Scratch
  21. How to Dehydrate Foods to Preserve for Later Use
  22. How to freeze herbs so they stay fresher, longer
  23. How to vacuum seal food for storage
  24. How to Dehydrate Leaves for Teas
  25. Learn how to store food in a root cellar or in a cool basement
  26. How to Dehydrate Herbs for Cooking
  27. How to make Mead
  28. How to Brew Cider
  29. How to Brew Beer
  30. How to Make Bone Broth in a Crock Pot
  31. How to Make Bone Broth in a Pressure Cooker
  32. How to make your own vinegar
  33. How to make sauerkraut
  34. How to Make Marmalade
  35. How to Make Jam
  36. How to Store Garlic
  37. How to Roast a Pumpkin for Freezing
  38. Basic home canning and food preservation
  39. How to use lacto-fermentation to preserve foods
  40. How to Set Up a Pantry From Scratch
  41. How to use a Old Fashioned Pressure Cooker
  42. How to Use a Sun Oven
  43. How to cook outside with a dutch oven
  44. How to cook over an open fire
  45. How to Bake over an open fire
  46. How to use a smoker
  47. How to season a cast iron skillet
  48. Learn how to make your own pet food

Your Homestead/Cleaning

  1. How to Find Your Homesteading Home
  2. Important Things to Track of Your Homestead
  3. Tax Write-off’s for Small Farmers
  4. How to protect furniture using beeswax
  5. How to create natural household cleaners
  6. How to Make a Beeswax Candle
  7. How to get Started Homeschooling
  8. Caring for and how to empty a septic tank
  9. How to work together with your neighbors to accomplish more and foster a sense of community

Emergency Planning/Safety

  1. How to Handle Emergencies
  2. How to Pack a 72-Hour Bag / Go-Bag
  3. How to Stay Prepared When Your Not at Home / How to Pack a Get Home Bag
  4. Basic First-Aid and CPR
  5. How to Operate a Ham Radio
  6. How to identify the difference between harmless and venomous spiders in your area
  7. How to identify the difference between harmless and venomous snakes in your area
  8. How to clean, dress, stitch/staple a wound in the event of an emergency
  9. How to build a fire without a match
  10. Have at least 100 gallons of stored water
  11. Learn how to harvest rainwater and store it.
  12. Learn how to build a fire in the rain
  13. Make your own fire starters
  14. How to purify water ( using Moringa husks )

Clothing Crafting and Care

  1. How to Quilt a Blanket made from old Clothes
  2. How to Crochet/Knit a Lap or Baby Blanket
  3. How to Crochet/Knit a Beanie/Hat
  4. How to Knit/Crochet a Scarf
  5. How to Darn a Sock
  6. Basic sewing skills
  7. How to Mend a Rip in a Shirt
  8. How to Take in/Let out Clothes to Make them Last
  9. How to dye yarn or clothes from plants
  10. How to Dry Laundry Using a Drying Rack or Clothesline
  11. How to Make your own Laundry Soap
  12. How use a wash tub, hand-wringer, washboard and a clothesline
  13. How to use a convert an electric sewing machine into a treadle sewing machine as a back up.

Livestock, Bees, & Basic Farming

  1. How to Build a Top Bar Hive
  2. How to Keep Bees
  3. How to Catch a Swarm
  4. How to Harvest Honey
  5. Make your own livestock feed.
  6. How to butcher an animal and the proper cuts of meat
  7. How to butcher livestock
  8. How to Render Lard or Tallow
  9. Assist with foaling, kidding, lambing, and/or calving
  10. How to assist an animal with a difficult birth
  11. How to Milk a Goat, Sheep or Cow
  12. How to shear a sheep
  13. How to spin wool, cotton or flax into thread or yarn on a spinning wheel or with a drop spindle
  14. How to Tan a Hide
  15. How to Trim the Hooves of Goats or sheep
  16. How to de-horn livestock
  17. How to use a Hog Gate
  18. How to Roast A Whole Pig
  19. How to Butcher a Hog
  20. How to Castrate a Hog
  21. How to Catch a Hog: Using a Hog Gate
  22. How to Catch a Hog: Using a Hog Trap
  23. How to Catch a Hog: Using Hunting Dogs
  24. Learn how to raise chickens
  25. How to candle eggs so you can tell if they are fertilized
  26. How to brood day-old chicks
  27. How to Clip Wings
  28. How to Identify and Manage a Broody Hen
  29. How to Incubate Fertilized Eggs and Hatch Your Own Chicks
  30. Teach chickens to return to their coop upon command
  31. How to tell when a Hen is done laying
  32. How to Introduce a new Hen to the Flock
  33. How to Feed Chickens Eggshells for Calcium
  34. How to Feather Six Day Old Chicks
  35. Uses for Black Solider Flies (Chicken Food)
  36. Make your own livestock feed.
  37. How determine an animal’s age by its teeth
  38. How to give an injection
  39. How to protect your livestock from predators
  40. How to cut, bale, and stack hay
  41. How to drive a manual transmission and/or tractor
  42. How to set up an Aquaponic Growing System
  43. How to Sharpen a Saw
  44. How to sharpen tools – knife, axe, hoe, chisel etc
  45. How to use a scythe
  46. How to Hone a Knife or Hatchet
  47. How to Install and Use an Electric Fence
  48. Learn how to halter break livestock
  49. Practice backing up a trailer and going around corners smoothly
  50. How to make and extinguish a burn pile safely.
  51. Learn the art of alternating grazing  and ground covers so you can
  52. better manage your pastures.
  53. Learn how to create wattle fences – weaving green branches together
  54. Train animals, cows, horses and dogs.
  55. Learn how to ride a horse


  1. How to Make a Vermiculture Worm Bin (composting with worms)
  2. How to Make Worm Tea
  3. How to compost food waste and manure
  4. How to Hot Compost
  5. How to Compost Meat with Black Solider Flies
  6. How to build a triple compost bin
  7. How to Forage for wild edibles in your area
  8. How to set up Rain Water Harvesting
  9. How to set up a Gray Water Management System
  10. How to Tell the Difference between Edible and Poisonous Mushrooms
  11. How to Grow Mushrooms at Home
  12. How to plan and grow a vegetable garden
  13. How to plan and grow a kitchen herb garden
  14. How to Save Seeds
  15. How to propagate plants from cuttings
  16. How to make Organic Pesticide
  17. How to know the Difference between Annuals and Perennials
  18. Learn about the perennials you can eat for multiple seasons of growth
  19. How to know the Crop planting times, season length, when to harvest
  20. How to prune and graft a fruit tree
  21. How to build a garden trellis obelisk
  22. How to make the greatest gardening tool ever invented “The Dibbler” – You can not buy it!
  23. How to sprout beans for winter time fresh salad ingredients
  24. Learn how to start seeds indoors and then transplant into a garden
  25. Learn how to tap trees for maple syrup
  26. Learn the art of no-till gardening.
  27. How to plan and plant an fruit and nut orchard
  28. Learn permaculture

Health & Beauty

  1. How to Make Soap in a Crock Pot (Hot Process)
  2. How to Make Lard and Lye Soap (Cold Process)
  3. How to make soap from wood ashes and animal fat
  4. How to make Homemade Cough Remedies
  5. How to make herbal extracts, infusions, poultices, and tinctures
  6. How to Make Beeswax & Herb Salves
  7. How to Make Lotions
  8. How to make your own Shampoo
  9. Create natural mosquito repellant

Carpentry/Other Trades

  1. How to Build a Solar Dehydrator
  2. How to Build a Solar Water Heater
  3. How to Build an Outdoor Shower
  4. How to build a greenhouse nursery
  5. How to build and fix a fence
  6. Basic metal working skills and welding
  7. Basic Plumbing Maintenance Skills
  8. Basic Plumbing for Irrigation
  9. Basic tractor maintenance
  10. How to change a tire and change oil
  11. How to Build a Chicken Coop
  12. How to Build a Chicken Tractor
  13. How to Build a Chicken Nesting Box for Laying Hens
  14. How to Build a Chicken Feeder (for when you’re gone for the weekend)
  15. How to Build an Outdoor Oven
  16. Properly take care of and work a water well
  17. Learn how to make and apply whitewash
  18. Learn how to use alternative off the grid power (Solar,Wind,Water,Wood)
  19. How to repair a roof on a home, barn, shed or animal housing
  20. Build an outhouse
  21. How to prevent plumbing pipes from freezing and how to thaw them out
  22. Learn how to safely cut down a tree
  23. How to properly use a handsaw, hammer, nails, screw driver, wire cutters and measuring tape.
  24. Basic Masonry Skills
  25. Learn how to re purpose everyday items. Waste not – Want not.
  26. Make your own solar lamps
  27. Make your own oil lamps


  1. Basic firearm safety and gun proof your children and grandchildren
  2. How to properly handle, shoot, and clean a gun
  3. Learn how to reload ammunition
  4. How to make and set traps
  5. How to catch a fish
  6. How to clean a fish


  1. How to Make Lye from Ashes
  2. How to Barter and Trade
  3. How to host a Yard Sale
  4. How to harvest, split, and stack firewood
  5. How to live within your financial means
  6. Learn Morse Code
  7. How to Tie Basic Knots
  8. How to Weave Baskets
  9. Reduce, reuse and recycle!

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