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I’m always on amazon it’s probably my favourite store, online or off mostly because of the books! I found some great freebies today! Be sure to check them out they were free today but who knows how long it will last.

Vegetable Container Gardening: 7 Easy Steps To Healthy Harvests from Small Spaces (Kindle Edition)

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Almost everything edible that’s grown in a traditional garden can be grown in containers – and container gardening is a whole lot easier!

In fact, anyone, anywhere can enjoy container gardening: children, adults, people with limited mobility, people who have never planted anything before, ever, can see amazing results.

This step-by-step guide covers everything you’ll need to get started, including:
– sun, soil and water
– types of containers to use
– equipment needed
– seeds and propagation
– dealing with challenges of sun, wind and watering

Seasoned container gardener Mary Verdant shares her expertise the art of container gardening. Armed with this step-by-step guide, frustrated apartment dwellers can indulge their passion for growing fresh food.

If you have a balcony, porch, or even some steps that get some sunlight, you’ll find growing edible plants in containers easy and rewarding. You can even grow your own food in window boxes or inside!

Written for the beginner and those with gardening experience, these directions are complete, clear, and easy to follow.

Whatever your reasons are for wanting to improve your way of life, rest assured that you’ll find a lot of helpful information in the pages of this book. If you’re a city person who just wants to become more self-reliant, don’t worry! You’ll still learn all about how to be self-sufficient from this book. All it takes is a little creativity, a lot of patience, and loads of hard work. Again, the rewards at the end of a few months of self-sufficiency are greater than words could ever hope to express.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • How To Become More Self-reliant
  • Growing Vegetables, Fruits and Herbs
  • Living With Small Livestock
  • Money and Management Tips
  • Practical Tips and Information
  • A Great Intro to Self Sufficient Living

What better way to earn a living than by doing something you love? That’s the position you could be in by following the steps and tips offered by our expert authors in this eBook!

The four books sampled in this ebook (Turn Your Talent into a Business, Cook Wrap Sell, Design Create Sell and Design Grow Sell) have all been produced in partnership with Country Living Magazine after witnessing the success of the Kitchen Table Talent Awards, the most popular competition run by the magazine, as well as sell-out audiences at the Country Living Spring Fair for talks on how to turn a hobby into a business. The team at Country Living know their readers have bags of talent; what was becoming increasingly clear is how many of them are considering turning that talent into turnover!

This eBook is a taster of the wealth of advice, knowledge and inspiration that can be found in this series of books – it will highlight six people who are successfully earning a living from what started as a hobby or skill, and will also show you essential information, such as the must-do’s for setting up your company, how to manage the costs and funding, how to build your brand and also how to do effective PR and promotion.

There has never been a better time to become your own boss. You could even start up whilst holding down the day job, on a bootstrap of a budget and in the knowledge that you are not alone.

This book contains strategies on how to grow plants, herbs and food in your own backyard. Although it is intended for those who are new to backyard farming, this book also includes info that a long time gardener may also find useful. The first part of this book provides the basics on backyard farming, the purpose of having one and the benefits you could get out of having your own backyard garden.

This book focuses on soil health and getting rid of pests earlier before they spread. It includes tips on how to grow organic food, which enables you to stay away from the conventional system where pesticides and other man-made substances are utilized. The main objective of this book is to help the backyard farming newbies to learn the things they need to know first before planting their crops.

Check Out What You Will Learn After Reading This Book Below!!

    • Backyard Farming Purposes
    • Backyard Farming Tips
    • Strategies To Create Your Own Backyard Farm
    • Easy Ways To Plant In Your Backyard
    • Growing Plants,Foods And Herbs Benefits

Companion gardening is the art of growing crops that are interdependent on each other in the same piece of land. Unsurprisingly, the art has been the best way to eradicate pests and diseases from the farm in a non-chemical way. Apart from pests and diseases control, companion gardening reduces chemical intake of substances from farm produce by applying natural means to eliminate the ills and to boost plant health. It is hailed also for reducing the running cost of the garden, increasing crop yield and making the best use of soil by optimizing on all classes of minerals.

This book focuses on how the practice must be done and why everything is done so. To crown it all, since it is a practical DIY book, there is a list of the most common garden crops and their best companions and enemies too.

It will serve as a step by step guide to gardening guide for the beginner and a reference tool for the experienced farmer.

It may seem daunting at first, but gardening for beginners can be quite accessible and fun. Additionally, it is quite possible to create a great garden without spending a fortune. Gardening is a pastime that can be enjoyed by the whole family, so get the kids out there with you.

Topics covered in this book:

-Planning a garden
-Basic techniques and tools
-Annuals, herbaceous perennials, bulbs, and shrubs/trees
-Herbs, vegetables, and fruit
-Pests and diseases

Gardening gives you a real sense of achievement when you’ve produced a good crop of food or some beautiful flowers. As you continue to garden, it gets better and better, since there are always new plants and new design ideas to discover!

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