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I’m always reading and would be lost without my kindle, or kindle app. I love searching and finding new reads on amazon and the first place I always look is the freebie section. As of Jan 2, 2015 these are some free reads. I can’t say how long they will stay that way so get them now!

Please note I haven’t read all of these books, I’m simply sharing the free stuff. I did download all of them and may create a review at some point in time.

HOMESTEADING: A 21st Century Beginning of Self Reliance (Homesteading Series) (Kindle Edition)

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A 21st Century Beginning of Self Reliance is my first book. I hope that this will help you and give you some things to think about if you want to live a more self reliant and self sufficient life. I didn’t fill the book with pictures and illustrations since I try to live by the KISS principle (Keep It Simple, Stupid). The information is designed to get you started and allow you to make your place, truly your place. There is no right way or wrong way to do this. You make the choices and then work within those choices. Starting our homestead 30 years later than what we ever envisioned was not our intention years ago. But, life is never easy and if anyone told you it would be then they lied. You will get out of life what you put into it. The chasing of the American dream of the perfect house, job and other things is not what it used to be. The recession that began in 2008 has left many people with broken lives and broken dreams. Some lost jobs, others lost homes and others lost their retirement money. This brings us to why you may have chosen to pursue a simpler way of life and not depend on others but instead to rely on yourself.
You can make this homestead into whatever you want and whether it is a rural, suburban or even an urban location it is yours. You (or you and your family) make the choices and decisions and live with the outcome of those decisions. You are choosing to simplify life as you know it and remove any preconceived notions about what it will be. Along the way you will remove the unimportant things from your lives and spend more time doing the things that will bring enjoyment and fulfillment. Growing your own foods and then enjoying the fruits of your labor will help to make you healthier and provide hours outdoor with fresh air. If you have children then encourage them to enjoy the outdoors and be involved in the activities and chores that go with your homestead.

Backyard Chickens

Are you considering raising backyard chickens?

If you are, then this is the book you’ve been looking for. This valuable guide covers everything you need to know to get started raising a flock of chickens in your backyard. Raising chickens is easy, but it’s all too easy to make costly mistakes when you’re first getting started. This book takes most of the guesswork out of raising backyard chickens.

The following topics are covered in this helpful book:

  • Why you should be raising backyard chickens.
  • The big differences between commercial eggs and the fresh eggs you get from backyard chickens.
  • The handful of supplies you need to get started.
  • Designing a coop.
  • Feeding and watering your chickens. Includes tutorials on how to build an inexpensive waterer and feeder.
  • The various types of bedding.
  • The deep litter system of bedding.
  • Free-range chickens.
  • Breed selection for laying and meat birds.
  • Feeding your chickens.
  • What diatomaceous earth is and how it can benefit you.
  • Predator control.
  • Brooding chicks. How to hatch chicks and raise them to adulthood.
  • Chicken laws and ordinances.

Proven Household Hacks To Save Time, Get Organized And Make Your Life Easier!

This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to organize whatever space you have to make life easy for you. It shows you how to organize your house and prioritize your activities in order to save time and get things running smoothly. The beautiful thing about the book is that all the hacks listed down are doable and the assisting apparatus are readily available.

This is the book to read when you want to learn what to do to lead an organized life that is free of panic. It clearly gives you hacks that are true time savers. Now is the time to get organized and make your life easier!

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • What’s the Big Deal With Organization?
  • Clear Signs That Your Disorganization is Now Serious
  • Why is it Important to Save Time?
  • DIY Hacks That Will Brighten Your Life
  • Great Organization Hacks for the Kitchen
  • Hacks to Keep Your Bathroom Organized
  • Helpful Hacks to Keep Your Bedroom in Order
  • Essential Hacks to Revamp Your House and Make Your Life Easy
  • Much, much more!

Compost Creation: The Ultimate Guide To Creating Nutrient Rich Compost For A Gorgeous Garden (Kindle Edition)

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Compost Creation

Don’t Start Gardening Without Understanding How To Create Compost

Creating your own compost is critical for a healthy, efficient, and perfect garden. If you are looking to optimize your garden and yield as many healthy plants/veggies/flowers as possible, this book is for you.

Compost is the single best way to fertilize your garden, and I assure you, at the end of this book you will be an expert.

If you don’t want to create the best garden you can, that’s fine, this book isn’t for you… But if you do want a luscious garden, I guarantee you, with the help of this book, you will see results quickly.

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