About the Sustainable Girl

Hi everyone!

My name is Alisha Robinson and if you are here you are probably in the same boat as I am. I’m new to the world of sustainable living, though not a complete green horn (pun intended) I know we should recycle more, use less energy etc. I’ve already changed my light bulbs, make sure to unplug anything not in use and recycle on a daily basis.

I don’t really have a “story” about how and why I decided to take that next step into becoming self-sufficient. I guess it was a gradual change for me. I’ve recently become self-aware of my own spending, taking the time to track every cent I earned and spent. Talk about an eye opener, it was for me and now I encourage other people to do the same.

I’m not sure why but this small thing really made me think. I changed the way I spent my money, I became conscious of what I bought and why. I’ve really started to save because of it, even opening a savings

My little Gracie, well maybe not so little!
My little Gracie, well maybe not so little!

account. This year for Christmas I used my savings to buy presents and instead of scrambling to pay bills and worrying about how much to spend I was able to set a budget and nothing else suffered because of it. It was a great feeling.

Now I’m kind of hooked on this new lifestyle. Money I used to spend on take out and meaningless baubles now goes directly to credit cards and student loans. My bills are slowly lessening but still faster than they once did. I started looking online at how I could save money with small steps and stumbled across Sustainable Living.

Like I said I wasn’t a complete newbie when it came to the greener side of life. While in school I met a totally rad girl who was a hippie at heart and really promoted the green way of life which introduced me to the idea. Now I’m planning and changing and enjoying every moment.

All of this and perhaps tons of other small steps I didn’t even notice has led me to this path which is how my blog has come into being. I’m hoping I will be able to share my research and experiences with others who are interested in becoming sustainable and help them on their journey. So many of us could live happier and wealthier lives by making just a couple small changes in how we live, and as a bonus we can help our Earth in the process.

So I’m here to help, whether by learning from my mistakes or sharing information. If you have questions please ask I’m happy to help where I can or show you the right direction if I can’t. I’d also love to hear your story if you’d like to share it!