12 Ways to Use Egg Shells

I’ll be the first to admit that I am a sustainable newbie, it’s why I created this blog so I can document my journal but also have a place where I can place all of my research, tests, trials and information. This way I can keep a source for myself and hopefully help others in the process.

One thing I did know before I began this journey was the importance of egg shells.

Here are a few things you can do with these fragile bits after you’ve made that omelet!


Egg Candles – This one works best if you can save the bulk of the shell. Much like tea lights you can create a really lovely candle by pouring the wax into the shell, setting the wick and letting it dry. These make super cute Easter gifts as well, maybe try dying the shell first for an extra bit of colour.

Compost It – Crush them up and put them in your compost for some added calcium.

Don’t Compost It – Egg shells are so great they don’t need time to work into a compost to help your garden. Before planting crush up some shells and put in the bottom of the plant hole. Add some sprinkles around your plants every few weeks to keep them rich in calcium.

This is an especially good idea for Tomatoes, they are susceptible to calcium deficiency and would benefit from the added boost. This is super important if you are replanting them as well.

Seedling Planters – This takes composting to another step. Instead of just grinding the egg shells you can leave them as whole as possible and much like the candles fill them with nutrient rich soil to start your garden seedlings. The best part? You can take these and plant them right in the ground when it’s time to do so.

Beautify your Skin – This will actually require most of an egg. Crack it open and save the egg white, you’ll need it later. Crush up the shells as fine as you can, I like to use my mortar and pestle. Once that is done mix the egg shells with the egg white. Apply to your face and allow to dry before washing it off. Doesn’t that feel nice?

Use the Abrasive Technique – Need a natural way to help clean those dried on bits stuck to your pots and pans? Use some egg shells and mix with some soapy water for an all natural abrasion to help remove it from all kinds of things.

Ever tried removing gunk from the long neck of a thermos or bottle? Add a mixture of soap, warm water and egg shells to the thermos/bottle – about half full. Seal it up and shake. The rough abrasiveness of the eggs will remove any unwanted ickiness you couldn’t reach before! This works great for those small drinking cups for kids, and hummingbird feeders as well.

Feed them to your Chickens – Chickens need calcium too and what better way to replenish your flock than to use their own eggs as a rich source? Crush it up and toss with their regular feed. They like it, really they do!

What came first? The chicken, or the eggs?

Let them eat egg shells? – Yeah I know it doesn’t sound appealing and you’d definitely want to turn them into a powder to do so but I hear this is a great way to get calcium into your diet. I’ve never tried this but I would love to hear from those who have. TIP: To make sure you are getting just the calcium and nothing else, be sure to steam the egg shells to sanitize them.

You may not want to add to any of your food, but you can always create your own calcium tablets. Grind them into a fine powder, pour into gelatin capsules and you have a homemade calcium pill.

You’re not the only one who could benefit from an egg shell powder. Putting a bit on your dogs food will give them a calcium boost. If they are sick and you find they are suffering from an upset stomach/diarrhea a little of this can go a long way.

Drink up! – Boiling egg shells in your coffee is said to reduce the bitterness. Have you tried this? I haven’t yet but it does intrigue me.

Egg Boobie Traps – Not only will eggs help your plants by giving them calcium but they can also protect them for those vile little creatures all gardeners fear … the snail and slug. Soft bellied creatures don’t like to crawl over the sharp edges. I used to have an army of little nibblers who would destroy my roses every year. When I started putting egg shells around the bases of the plants that stopped. Now my roses are lovely and full of blooms!

Soften Hands – Crush into a powder and put into your favourite lotion, it will soften your hands.

Remove Coffee/Tea Stains – We all have our favourite mug in the morning, but it may not be looking all that fresh. Can’t get those stains out no matter how much you try? Put some egg shells in the cup with warm water. Leave over night to allow the egg shell to absorb the stain.

You can remove that gray-ish colour your white clothes seem to develop as well. Just put the egg shells into a cheese cloth or other kind of mess bag and toss in the laundry.

These are really only a few ways I know to use egg shells, I’m sure there are tons of other uses out there. How do you use your egg shells? Have you tried any of these methods? Let me know in the comments section below!

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